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The Mozilla Projects Feed.

Last week I published a post to the Addons blog announcing the 2013 Add-on SDK roadmap. I sweated over it for a few days, finally pushed the publish button in Wordpress on Tuesday afternoon, then waited for it to pop up on PMO.

…and waited.

…and waited.

After some investigation I found this bug from last September logged by my fellow AMO blogger Jorge Villalobos: Bug 790033 - Mozilla Add-ons Blog missing from Planet

Clearly I completely missed the boat on when the move of the addons blog off of PMO happened, and that’s a bit embarrassing. I’m also a little disappointed because I feel like we’ve lost something for the Addons blog by not being aggregated on PMO. I think for even the brief few seconds when PMO readers scan the posts, there is a value to having our posts in there and visible - that there is an ambient awareness created in the community about what we’re doing even if you don’t read every post.

Anyway, this all happened months ago so there is nothing to be done except to say, if you feel like you’ve been missing out on the state of add-ons at Mozilla, please either subscribe directly to our feed, or optionally to the PMO projects sub-feed. This projects feed is particularly convenient if you care about other things like the Webdev blog, Hacks, Bonjour Mozilla, etc.

I should mention as an aside that I’m betting this realization about PMO will change my blogging habits, and I expect I’ll be using this blog for more work-related posts from now on if what I’m writing about is intended for the PMO audience. I guess the upside of that is I’ll end up blogging more, without even having made a NY resolution for that. I suppose that means I should look into enabling comments as well.