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Running Gaia Like a BOSS ( Pull Requests Welcome! )

[[UPDATE: if you have trouble running Gaia with this tool ( or, at all ), you may need to run using ‘sudo’.]]

A week or so ago Hernan Colmeiro blogged about using B2G Desktop to run Gaia on a desktop computer, amongst other things. Running Gaia in this way is compelling as a way to test & preview apps in the Gaia environment: you get the correct display size as well as the correct app launch & dismissal behaviour.

But… it is a little awkward to get going. instructions for manually setting this up are of course on the wiki, but there is still a lot of setup and implied foreknowledge about terminals, etc. I created the gaia-rocking repo to help this ( and Hernan kindly linked to it! ) but gaia-rocking doesn’t quite rock, and currently it doesn’t rock at all on Linux or Windows. It needs help!

A short list of things I need to do this week:

  • Windows and Linux support. Just running on Macs is clearly not good enough.
  • some way of easily pushing a single app into Gaia for testing
  • maybe an embedded web server that serves up apps the right way? Sort of Marketplace-lite.
  • Mortar integration ( unsure completely what that means… )
  • I’m thinking of porting the Makefile to coffeescript, just for fun.

Pull requests welcome!